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There has been at least five types of pigeons seen in Cuba. Of these five pigeon species, the Rock Pigeon, formerly known as the Rock Dove, is probably the most common among them all. This bird species is an introduced bird from Europe and is now seen throughout the North American continent, having adapted to towns and cities and are regularly seen around farmlands.

The Plain Pigeon is a native bird to Cuba and is at times very hard to find. The White-crowned pigeon and the Scaly-naped Pigeon are pigeons seen on the Caribbean islands, Mexico and Central America.

The pigeons are considered gamebirds and are hunted throughout the southern countries. As in the case of most gamebirds, overhunting became a problem until laws were created to protect them. These laws were not put into place in time to save the Passenger Pigeon, which was a bird that was once seen in the millions but became extinct at the start of the 20th century.

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