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Emberizidae & Cardinalidae

Lives, Habitats & Pictures of the Buntings

buntings The buntings are found throughout Cuba. They are also seen from the far north in the arctic circle, tundra, conifer forests, urban developments to the grasslands and savannahs of the south. There are 9 species of buntings in North America and another 7 species from Asia that have been identified and listed as rare visitors.

The Snow Buntings and McKay's Bunting are our most northern travelers and the Snow Bunting has the widest range and the McKay's Bunting are restricted to the western and southwestern areas of Alaska. Whereas the Lazuli Bunting, Rustic Bunting, Lark Bunting and Indigo Bunting, can be found from southern Canada into northern Mexico depending on the time of year.

The Painted Bunting, Varied Bunting and the Blue Bunting live mostly in the southern states to Central America, the Blue Bunting being the most southern bird.

There are also rare visitors from Asia that show up in North America every now and then. These consist of the Gray Bunting, Little Bunting, Pallas's Bunting, Pine Bunting, Reed Bunting, Yellow-breasted Bunting and the Yellow-throated Bunting.

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Birds of Cuba