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Swallow-tailed Kite

Naucler à queue fourchue

Elanoides forficatus

Birds of North America
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Life, Habitat & Pictures of the Swallow-tailed Kite

B L W W W Family Latin Name
22" 55.9cm 51" 129.5cm 15oz 425.2g Accipitridae Elanoides forficatus

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Swallow-tailed Kite range

The Swallow-tailed Kite is the largest member of the kite family seen in North America. This beautiful forked-tailed raptor can be seen gliding over the open fields and scrublands of the southern states. Often times, observers will see the kite catch its prey, mostly insects, on the fly. It can be seen eating its prey as it flies about. This kite has been seen throughout the Caribbean Sea and it has been seen as a migrant in Cuba.

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