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Mourning Dove

There are at least nine types of doves, ground-doves and quail-doves in Cuba. The Mourning Dove covers the largest range as it is found in almost all regions of the continent.

Every year the Eurasian Collared Dove, which was introduced to North America, is slowly expanding into the northern regions and has even been reported in Canada on a few occasions. All other doves, ground-doves and quail-doves are found in the southern US states, Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean islands.

The doves are some of the most fascinating birds to observe. These very attractive birds are hunted for sport in some countries. They are known for their very explosive flights and high speeds. The doves are probably the bird of choice for birds of prey because of their larger size and the fact that they feed most often in open areas. They depend on their camouflage to hide them.

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