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Wood Stork

Tantale d'Amérique

Mycteria americana

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Life, Habitat & Pictures of the Wood Stork

B L W W W Family Latin Name
41" 104.15cm 60" 152.5cm 5.25lb 2.38kg Ciconiidae Mycteria americana

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Wood Stork range

The Wood Stork is a wading bird that is seen on marshes and mudflats in the warmer tropical states. This bird is seen from Florida through to southeastern Texas. It is seen along the coastlines of Mexico, Central America and in the northern countries of South America. It is not uncommon to see these storks soaring very high in the sky, with their straight body and neck and their wings at 90 degrees to their bodies, as they form a perfect cross in the sky. It is a native bird seen in Cuba.

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