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"White" Reddish Egret

Aigrette roussâtre "blanche"

Egretta rufescens

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Life, Habitat & Pictures of the "White" Reddish Egret

B L W W W Family Latin Name
30" 76.2cm 46" 116.8cm 1lb. 453.6g Ardeidae Egretta rufescens

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Reddish Egret (White) range

The Reddish Egret (White) is a morph of the Reddish Egret. It shares its range with the Rediish Egret and is seen mostly along the southern coastlines of United States, Mexico and the Caribbean islands. This egret prefers feeding in saltwater mudflats. It can be identified by its pinkish coloured bill with a black tip. It is a native bird of Cuba.

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