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Mourning Warbler

Paruline triste

Geothlypis philadelphia

Birds of North America
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Life, Habitat & Pictures of the Mourning Warbler

B L W W W Family Latin Name
5.25" 13.3cm 7.5" 19.1cm 0.45oz 12.8g Parulidae Geothlypis philadelphia

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Mourning Warbler range

The Mourning Warbler is among the shyest warblers seen in North America. This bird chooses its habitat in the thick new undergrowths, where the foliage allows the bird to be heard and not seen. It is among two other warbler species seen in North America that have a very similar appearance, these being the MacGillivray's Warbler and the Connecticut Warbler. This warbler migrates south to the warmer tropical countries during the winter months and it has been seen as a migrant in Cuba.

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