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Lesser Yellowlegs

Petit Chevalier

Tringa flavipes

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Life, Habitat & Pictures of the Lesser Yellowlegs

B L W W W Family Latin Name
10.5" 26.7cm 24" 61cm 2.8oz 79.4g Scolopacidae Tringa flavipes

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Lesser Yellowlegs range

The Lesser Yellowlegs is the smallest of the two yellowlegs shorebird species. It is sometimes very difficult to distinguish between the Lesser Yellowlegs and the Greater Yellowlegs. Their calls are quite different and recognizing this will help greatly. Also, the bill on the Greater Yellowlegs is larger and has a noticeable upward curve at the end, while the Lesser Yellowlegs has a smaller and straight bill. These shorebirds spend their winter months in the warmer tropical countries. It has been seen as a migrant in Cuba.

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