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Hooded Warbler

Paruline à capuchon

Setophaga citrina

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  • Hooded Warbler
  • Hooded Warbler
  • Hooded Warbler
  • Hooded Warbler
  • Hooded Warbler

Life, Habitat & Pictures of the Hooded Warbler

B L W W W Family Latin Name
5.25" 13.3cm 7" 17.8cm 0.4oz 11.3g Parulidae Setophaga citrina

  • Breeding
  • Year Around
  • Winter

The Hooded Warbler is a member of the wood-warbler family. The male has a greenish-yellow body with a black hood covering its head and neck. The female has a green body with a yellow face, breast and flanks. Both sexes have white outer tail feathers. These warblers are seen in the southeastern regions of North America. During the winter months it migrates south to the tropical countries. It has been a migrant in Cuba.

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