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Cuban Bullfinch

Sporophile négrito

Melopyrrha nigra

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  • Cuban Bullfinch
  • Cuban Bullfinch
  • Cuban Bullfinch
  • Cuban Bullfinch
  • Cuban Bullfinch

Life, Habitat & Pictures of the Cuban Bullfinch

B L W W W Family Latin Name
5.5" 14cm " cm 0.6 oz 18.4g Emberizidae Melopyrrha nigra

  • Breeding
  • Year Around
  • Winter
Cuban Bullfinch range

The Cuban Bullfinch is a possible vagrant visitor to the southern US states. As the distance from the southern tip of Florida to Cuba is a short flight for most birds, the possibility exists that it may be seen in North America. This bird is also reported on the Cayman islands. Depending in what light this bird is observed, it may appear black or a very dark blue. It can be found in Cuban forest surroundings where there are fruit bearing trees.

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