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Caspian Tern

Sterne caspienne

Hydroprogne caspia

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  • Caspian Tern
  • Caspian Tern
  • Caspian Tern
  • Caspian Tern
  • Caspian Tern

Life, Habitat & Pictures of the Caspian Tern

B L W W W Family Latin Name
21" 53.3cm 50" 127cm 1.5 lb 680.3g Laridae Hydroprogne caspia

  • Breeding
  • Year Around
  • Winter
Caspian Tern range

The Caspian Tern is the largest member of the North American terns. This tern, which has a noticeably large orange bill, is seen right around the globe. In North America, the Royal Tern might be confused with this tern, because it also has a large orange-coloured bill. The Caspian Tern does not have a crested head. It is a native bird of Cuba.

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